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Presentation of Findings

Blue Skies Initiative: Presentation of Findings of the Upto2 Programme & Child Well-Being Research

‘Babies don’t come with a manual, but maybe they could’ – The experiences and outcomes for mothers who take part in the Upto2 Programme. Presented by Dr Grainne Hickey from Maynooth University 

The Upto2 Programme is course designed to help mothers with all aspects of their baby. Meeting every fortnight, mothers and babies form lasting friendships, gain confidence and learn from the trained Public Health Nurses and Family Support Workers who deliver the course. 

‘How are they doing now?’ Well-Being amongst 14 year olds in Clondalkin. Presented by Dr Caitriona Delaney from Archways.

In 2017, the first part of the Well-Being Study was launched which looked at the well-being of 2nd, 4th and 6th class students.  In 2017/18 the study expanded to look at 14 year olds in three secondary schools in Clondalkin.  

The findings of this study were first presented in 2018 at an event in Aras Chronain, Clondalkin.