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Parent Child Plus

The ParentChild Plus Home Programme is ‘learning through play experience’ for parents and their preschool children. It is designed to strengthen the natural bond between parent and child and to encourage a love of learning. It employs a non-directive approach and encourages the parent as the child’s first and best teacher. This programme prepares children for later success in school. PC+ employs specially trained local women as Home Visitors, to model verbal interaction for the parent and child. The Home Visitor meets the family twice a week, in their own home, for two short (1/2 hour) visits, during the (primary) school year.

Home based literacy and parenting programme

Over a 2 year period Home Visitors model oral language, reading and play in their twice weekly visits (92 in total).

Books/toys are given as gifts to families to enable them to continue activities at home at their own pace.

Programme is given to one child per family.

Aimed at children from 16 months for 2 years.

Family participation is voluntary.

The programme is provided at no cost to families.

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