Antenatal Programme

The transition to parenthood is a major life event. Becoming a parent for the first time involves moving from a known current reality to an unknown new reality. This programme aims to increase awareness around the social and emotional aspects of pregnancy and addresses the reality of life in the months prior and post birth. It does this by exploring the concept of parenthood and its impact on identity, role expectations, responsibilities and existing relationships.

This programme is intended to complement the traditional antenatal medical class and give parents a chance to meet other parents and develop a peer support network.

This course consists of four sessions where we give parents the opportunity to:

  • Increase their understanding of their baby’s development
  • Learn practical skills and supports to make the transition to parenthood easier
  • Engage in activities that will encourage parents to bond with their baby before they are born
  • Learn skills to manage stress both during and after pregnancy
  • Focus on the 4th trimester with an emphasis on wellbeing in the postnatal period

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