Paediatric First Aid

The Blue Skies Initiative is proud to facilitate a number of Paediatric First Aid talks throughout the year.

It is our aim to give as many adults as possible the knowledge to help if a child is found unresponsive, starts to choke or needs CPR.

Our talks, which are held within the community, give parents, grandparents, childminders and carers the opportunity to learn about infant CPR, what to do in an emergency situation and how to give an injured child the best chance of survival.

Delivered by trained professionals these community talks and practical courses are provided free of charge by The Blue Skies Initiative.

The date for the next Paediatric First Aid Class will be announced soon.

The below testimonial was filmed at our most recent Paediatric First Aid talk in the Balgaddy Child and Family Centre at the end of May. Thanks to CPL Healthcare and the participants.