Area Based Childhood Initiative
Blue Skies Initiative

Odyssey – Parenting Your Teen

Blue Skies Initiative will be running Odyssey Parenting your teen  programme. This is an 8 week programme and is available for parents/guardians of teens living in the areas of Clondalkin, Adamstown and Balgaddy. The programme is a universal programme and is aimed at parents/guardians of children ages 11 – 18.

Benefits for parents taking part in the programme

  • Parents learn further skills and knowledge about their young person
  • Parent-teen relationships are improved.
  • Improves levels of parenting stress.
  • It will help parents to enjoy their families, help parents to have children who are happy and healthy, increase the chances of this generation growing up to be healthy, socially and economically engaged adults.
  • Makes a positive difference to aspects of teenagers social functioning e.g. decreased moodiness.
  • Has a positive effect on family mental health

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