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MAP – Mentoring for Achievement Programme

Mentoring Achievement Programme
The Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP) is a 2-year, evidence based mentoring programme which takes place in schools, for students between the ages of 10 and 16 years. Based on Social Learning Theory. The Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP) uses a distinctive approach to mentoring students who have characteristics like disorganisation, disinterest, inattention or behaviour problems which interfere with their learning in school. The mentoring approach use adult mentors who engage with the students who have been identified to encourage them to think and stop and come up ways they can try to help themselves develop a more focused and thoughtful way of engaging in school. The mentoring process develops skills in students that they can use across all domains of the lives such as problem-solving, patience, thinking and risk taking.

The MAP mentor works with students for two school years. The programme takes place within school settings, during school hours. The Handbook For Schools and Other Lead Agencies will give you a detailed description of how the programme works. Participating in programmes is free of charge to schools in our catchment area ((Clondalkin, Balgaddy and Adamstown). Please contact to learn when we will be next
running MAP training.

MAP mentors are trained in two stages.

Stage 1 Training:

  • Introduces the approach the MAP programme takes and gives trainees an opportunity to practice the specific skills required for MAP mentoring
  • Stage 1 training currently takes place online via Zoom over 5 mornings. Attendance is required at all 5 mornings
  • Trainees can begin to offer MAP mentoring following completion of Stage 1 training, however are not accredited MAP mentors at this stage

Stage 2 Training:

  • Stage 2 training involves online on-going training (for approximately 40-60 minutes) every 4- 8 weeks once the trainee begins mentoring
  • Stage 2 training leads to becoming an accredited MAP mentor