Oral Language Programme

Communication skills are vital for children to reach their potential! Children learn language best in their natural settings.

The natural settings for children growing up are usually

  1.  Their home
  2. Their School

Our Speech and Language Therapist works in local schools to promote oral language through working with teachers and parents


Teacher Training

Teachers have received a combination of training and mentoring opportunities whilst engaged with the Blue Skies Initiative Oral Language Programme.

This training has included:

  • 68 teachers and 16 SNAs trained in Elklan Speech and Language Support for 5-11 year olds
  • Training in creating a Language Rich Environment in schools
  • Training and mentoring in the Languageland programme
  • Training in The Happy Talk Programme in Early Start classes
  • Lamh First 100 Signs Training
  • Ongoing mentoring and Support from the Blue Skies Speech and Language Therapist

Communication Champions:

Each school working with the Blue Skies Initiative has one or more Communication Champions. These are people who have a special responsibility for oral language development in their school. Each Communication Champion works closely with Clare, Speech and Language Therapist in the Blue Skies Initiative.

Communication Champions:
• Have the knowledge and resources to support the language development of children in the setting
• Support their colleagues
• Support staff to monitor the development of children’s Speech and Language
• Identify if children require further help regarding their speech and/or language development
• Link with parents regarding the progress of their child’s speech and language skills and tips to develop their child’s skills.

Parents who have any concerns about their child’s speech and language development should ask if their setting has a Communication Champion and request help.


Parent Information Sessions

Parents are the most important people in their children’s lives and play such a vital role in developing the speech, language and communication skills of their children!

Every year, the parents of Junior Infants children are invited to an informal information session. Each parent is given information on typical speech and language development, ‘10 Tips for Talking’ and what to do if they have any concerns.

See resource section of this website with information on when you should go to see a Speech and Language Therapist for your child as well as information on local HSE ‘drop in’ services available for parents.


If you would like more information on the Blue Skies Oral Language Programme, please contact Clare Kelliher, Speech and Language Therapist with the Blue Skies Initiative at ckelliher@archways.ie or call 0872147164