Teacher Classroom Management

tcmWhat is Teacher Classroom Management?

The Teacher Classroom Management Training Programme comprises 6 full-day workshops running at 3-4 week intervals during the school year. The programme is focused on strengthening teacher classroom management strategies, promoting children’s pro-social behaviour and reducing classroom aggression and non cooperation with peers and teachers. The programme can be useful for teachers, teacher assistants, psychologists, school counsellors, and any school personnel working with young children.

Who is it for?
Teachers and other school staff including resource teachers and, in some circumstances, special needs assistants. It is very useful for school principals to attend in order to understand the programme and provide support to teachers.

How is it going to work?
The training involves 6 full day workshops delivered at 3-4 week intervals usually during school term-time.

What are the benefits?
TCM strengthens teachers skills and improves their positive relationship with children in their classroom, promotes children’s pro-social behaviour and reduces negative classroom behaviour and builds positive relationshps with peers and teachers.

I’m a school teacher, how do I get involved?
Contact Lorraine Blue Skies Co-ordinator ldoherty@archways.ie

I’m a parent, this programme sounds perfect for my child, where can they access it?
Contact Lorraine ldoherty@archways.ie

Is there a cost?
The cost for 6 days training course is €550 per person, if your school is involved in Blue Skies Initiative  the cost will be covered. If you are not and want to access the training contact Archways training@archways.ie

I want to find out more about the evidence.
More information can be found on www.archways.ie or www.incredibleyears.com