Languageland Programme in Schools

Languageland in Action:

Blue Skies and Scoil Nano Nagle, Bawnogue


Scoil Nano Nagle is one of several local primary schools working closely with the Blue Skies Initiative running Early Start Classes and embracing the Languageland Programme.

Languageland is a programme of language resources developed by Black Sheep Press.

With the support of a Speech and Language Therapist, it provides teachers with structured activities and resources to support the oral language development of children in Early Start, Junior Infants and Senior Infants classes.

The resources are flexible and can be used by teachers within their existing lesson plans. The programme involves children going on an imaginary journey to a place called Languageland on a “magic carpet”. Children enjoy singing songs, fun activities and the routine of sessions. Each session is inclusive; every child can participate and learn regardless of their speech, language and communication abilities.

The format of sessions involves:

  • Songs (to encourage interaction)
  • Puppets (to promote active listening)
  • Magic Sack (to promote memory and sequencing and phonological awareness)
  • Magic Tree (to build vocabulary)
  • Magic Jigsaw (to promote narrative/re-telling an event)

Teachers from the school tell us why they have found the programme helpful and list some of the reasons they have continued to roll out Languageland in older class groups…




If you would like more information on Languageland or are interested in the programme, please contact Clare Kelliher, Speech and Language Therapist with the Blue Skies Initiative at or call 0872147164.