Area Based Childhood Initiative
Blue Skies Initiative

Creativity In the Classroom

We are currently piloting this 2.5 hour workshop for primary school staff. It was developed by consulting with 12 teachers across 7 schools, in Clondalkin South, North & West and Adamstown. It is aimed at giving school staff an experience of being creative in a way that is beneficial, easy and complementary to the curriculum.

During the session we aim to:

  • Plant a seed of using creativity differently.
  • Show how easy and enjoyable it can be.
  • Provide ideas that you can adapt to different situations and themes.
  • Give you an experience of being creative in a way that can assist in benefiting the children’s wellbeing, be fun, easy, and complimentary to the curriculum.
  • Think of creativity/art not like a subject but a methodology through which to teach and provide fun, developmental experiences for your class and for you.

The workshop is facilitated by our project development worker, a practicing artist with many years of experience working in youth and community art.

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