Restorative Practices

The Blue Skies Initiative supports Restorative Practices and hopes to facilitate training for local teachers and community workers in West Dublin throughout 2019.

The idea of ‘Restorative Practices’ is to put good, healthy relationships at the centre of actions, responses and behaviours.

In schools, for example, traditional methods of discipline tend to focus on what rules have been broken and who should be punished for this action, however, Restorative Justice aims to put the victim & their needs to the forefront.

By doing this the person at fault is given the opportunity to think about how their action impacts others, allows them to be accountable and help to resolve the issue.

Using Restorative Practices everyone affected by a negative behaviour has the chance to talk about what happened, discuss their feelings and explain how they think a resolution can be reached.

This method helps to manage the conflict or tension that has arisen because of bad behaviours and repairs relationships that have been affected.

This policy can be implemented in schools, at home and in community settings to help promote self-awareness, empathy, mutually respectful relationships and listening skills.

The Blue Skies Initiative has trained alongside CDI in Tallaght , examining the origins and development of Restorative Practices, the evidenced outcomes and skills that are used when taking a restorative approach.

We aim to deliver this training, which helps people to use Restorative Language to consciously build relationships and prevent the escalation of conflict, in a local setting and give those undertaking the course the tools to creatively transform and resolve conflict.

If you would like to find out more about Restorative Practices or training around this method please contact Karen by emailing

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