Area Based Childhood Initiative
Blue Skies Initiative

Antenatal (Pre-Birth) PROGRAMME

Perinatal Programmes offered through Blue Skies Initiative are

Solihull Antenatal Programme

This 6 week programme is designed to support parents through pregnancy and birth and aims to support the development of the relationship parents have with their baby, in the womb, up to the birth and into the postnatal period.

Aims of the group is to have parents

  • Think about support that will be helpful throughout the pregnancy and birth
  • Get to know their baby in the womb
  • Understand how their baby is developing in the womb
  • Get to know the baby through labour, birth and beyond
  • Understand information about pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Understand information about feeding and the positive aspects of breastfeeding
  • Understand the importance of their emotional relationship with their baby

6 week Solihull Postnatal programme

Once your baby has arrived, you can join a 6-week postnatal parenting group.

The 2-hour group will allow new parents a space to connect with other new parents. There will be opportunities to explore this new relationship with your baby while having a gentle space to share experiences with other new mams.

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